Location Software

I will start to use Location software.

Can someone recommend if I should use Mqttitude or Openpaths?


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I do not know Openpaths; Mqttitude works well for me with my android and the iphone of other family members to do geo fencing and to visualize whereabouts on a map.

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I am using mqttitude through the ios app OwnTracks via cloudmqtt.com. I have an openHAB rule that locks/unlocks a gun safe based on myself and/or my wife’s location relative to a 50 meter geofence. It works every time and even with the ios/iPhone’s silly background processing rules, works fairly fast.

Is it possible with the Mqttitude Binding to display position on a map?


Yes, a map with all positions you are watching is integrated in the owntracks app.

Edit: you could also use http://jpmens.net/2014/01/11/your-location-on-a-web-page-with-mqttitude/

This wiki entry might be of interest as well (once you have a basic config working)

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Exactly what I was looking for.