Lock things settings for 433MHz poweroutlets?

Hi, I run recent stable openHAB 2 on ubuntu server 16.04 and playing with this powerful platform.

I control some old 433MHz power-outlets with success but when these “things” became visible in the “inbox” they had wrong ON and OFF command values. No problem! You can edit and save the commands in the settings from this “thing”.

Wrong… Whenever I control the poweroutlet with the original remote control, openHAB will read this external command an overwrite my existing “thing” setting with bogus commands. Leaving me with a non functional domotica controller!

How can I prevent this? I even agree to turn off the inbox completely for new 433MHz devices after configuration setup is done.

Thanks in advance!

Then don’t…
Use openHAB instead

Euhm, this means it ain’t possible? Do I have to get used to grab a app on the phone or tablet? (did not try this yet)

I like to keep it simple in the beginning. 1 or 2 lights automated others on the same set through the remote controller.