"Locked" Things in openhab3

Hi everyone,

my first post may pose a stupid question but I wasn’t able to find an answer unsing the search function.

Since migrating to OH 3.0 some Things are not editable through Main UI, and they have a small lock symbol right next to their name. It seems that ony the items I made through text files in OH 2.5 times are affected.

I’m quite sure I am overlooking a simple solution…

Thanks for your help!

You’ve worked it out! Any Things or Items configured in files will show up in the UI, but cannot be edited in the UI, hence the lock symbol. You will either have to continue modifying those Things and Items via the files, or you will have to create them using the UI. You can import Items, but not Things.

Thanks for the quick reply! Guess there’s a good reason for not being able to do so, which is beyond my IT capabilites… :sweat_smile:
But that is what I wanted to know / have confirmed. Thanks again!