Log issue: Logs do not get shown in time in Karaf

i have significant issues with the logging functions.
Logs do not get shown in the Karaf Console real time
using log:tail whereas this is not a malfunction that happens in general.

The standard openHAB logs i get real time, also most of my specific logs.
The logs i refer to as malfunction do react late sometimes, sometimes i do not get any update.

The code is e.g.:

logInfo("LOG_FritzBox", "Anruf geht ein.")

In the Karaf console the Log gets started with:

log:tail eclipse.smarthome.model.script.LOG_FritzBox

What my be a potential root cause for this issue ?

openHAB gets operated using:

openHAB 2.3.0 Release Build
Karaf 4.1.5

That’s correct, it used to happen for OH1 but this has changed for OH2

Not that clear what you see as the problem. The logInfo() entries do not appear when you expect them? Could it be to do with rules triggering, rather than logging?