Log Level changed?

just upgraded to latest nightly build.
log:tail shows nothing anymore … like item changes or my rule messages

was there something changed?



Don´t understand all of this.

I made a snapshot upgrade last thursday (24.09.2017) and since this time i don´t get any new logs in openhab.log and events.log.

How can i change this back to the previous behavior? Is there a short way or do i have to change all the config-files???

Can you explain this for “not so big programming cracks” maybe an example for dummys?

Is this log4j2 a new binding which i have to install first?


Klick on the arrow right next to “Default config (out of the box)”:

Copy the content to the mentioned log config file, restart openHAB and you should be good to go.

Please don’t double post your questions:

At least, if you’ve found a solution in that other thread, leave a note here so other users can benefit.