Log specific items into a separate logfile

Using Openhab 2.3 (hasslefree openhabian setup) on an Rpi, with external SSD as root.

Is it possible to log status from several items (or a group of items) into one single logfile?
I need to log the temperatur of 12 sensores into one logile. The sensors are part of the IHC binding, but I do not wish to log the rest of the IHC items into that logfile as well. So seperating on the IHC binding is not really an option, I guess.

try something like: OpenHAB - Filtering event logs

Thanks Angelos. The link tells me how to filer out a single item.
I was searching for a way to filter a group or several items, into one (new) logfile.

I don’t think you will be able to do that.
Unless you did deep into the log4j2 appender docs…


Good luck

use Accept instead of Deny (in theory, it should work… I haven’t tried it)


Hmm! This is to advanced for me, at this stage… Will return to it later on. Until then I just use rrd4j charts :slight_smile: