Log:tail is hardly readable in version 2.4.0-SNAPSHOT Build #1387

I did an upgrade today to the latests OpenHab; so I got 2.4.0-SNAPSHOT Build #1387

(It had already 2.4 yet it was a while since I did an upgrade)

WhenI look at the log using log:tail
The log is now all over the place.

Before every new log item was on it’s own seperate line.
That is gone now. It seems as every log item has a large chunck of spaces in it and so the next log item is halfway on the next line
and the next item has also some spaces and started at another place and so there is no clear line to easily read these.

is there a new setting I need/Can set, to avoid that?


I think it is already an issue in openhab-distro Issue #764.

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yes looks similar. Thank you. I did not look at issues, only here.

I see that in nightly version 1401, this should be solved (I did not install it yet)


I can confirm it’s solved in M5

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