Logging in openhabian in OH3

Noob question here:
I was running openhab 2.xx on a Pi3, and recently upgaded to OH3 and now my log files are pointing to the openhab dir vs the openhab2? The result is that Frontail is now pointing to openhab2?

Any help would be appricaated…

If I understand you correctly you want to change the files frontail is displaying, right?

To do this use the command line:

  1. Edit the systemctl config with sudo nano /etc/systemd/system/frontail.service and change the line beginning with ExecStart.
sudo nano /etc/systemd/system/frontail.service
  1. Edit the files to be displayed
  2. Reload Frontail
sudo systemctl daemon-reload; sudo service frontail restart

Did you manually upgrade ? Why ? There’s option 42 in openHABian, it should also change all 3rd party tools such as frontail.