Logging Persistence: Logging in null.log


At the beginning, I like to use the Logging Persistence to write all loggings into a .csv format file.
But I did not find a way to specify the file name of the logging file.

Instead, all configured loggings are written into null.log.

How I may change it?

From the wiki docs:

All item and event related configuration is done in the logging.persist file. The provided aliases define the name of the log file (without the .log suffix). All logfiles are written to ${openhab_home}/logs.

So you must define an alias in your .persist file to define the name of the .log file.

Items section: This defines, which items should be persisted with which strategy. The syntax is:

Items {
<itemlist1> [-> "<alias1>"] : [strategy = <strategy1>, <strategy2>, ...]
<itemlist2> [-> "<alias2>"] : [strategy = <strategyX>, <strategyY>, ...]

Now, it is clear. It works.

Thank you.