LogicHome Fuga ZH5010 (Z-Wave) problem with association groups


I have a Z-Wave device LogicHome Fuga ZH5010. It is one physical device, which includes one relay (switch 0) and 4 physical buttons (switches 1-4). The device was already in the device database for the Z-Wave binding.

According to the documentation of the device, I must set OpenHab (the Z-Wave controller) to receive basic reports ON/OFF in association groups 2, 7, 12 and 17.

When I use OpenHab to set for example switch 4 to ON, then the log correctly indicates that zwave:device:6d3cebc2:node6:switch_binary4 is ON.

When I use the physical button 4, the log indicates that zwave:device:6d3cebc2:node6:switch_binary is ON. Notice the missing 4 at the end.

The problem is, that the controller (OpenHab) does not differentiate between the buttons, so whatever button is pressed, the switch0 is set to ON every time, and not switch 1-4.

The attached log has two actions:

  • At 20:19:45 the physical button 4 is pressed at the device, which results in “zwave:device:6d3cebc2:node6:switch_binary is ON”.
  • At 20:19:49 the physical button 4 is pressed at the device, which results in “zwave:device:6d3cebc2:node6:switch_binary is OFF”.
  • At 20:20:05 the button 4 is activated via OpenHab Paper UI, which results in “zwave:device:6d3cebc2:node6:switch_binary4 is ON” (including the “4” to indicate the right switchLog.json (11.3 KB)

Unfortunately I dont have a solution, but I am in the same situation. So I am eager to know if you have found one.

I have not tested for a while, but I see that the device database has been updated Feb 9th after my comments.

Do you run the newest version?