Login androidapp and myopenhab

I have 4 servers openHAB2 (Ubuntu). All of them are tied to myopenhab.org
Each under their own email address.
If the browser is logged in with the necessary login is not difficult, then under the Android application, this is a headache. How do you solve this problem?
PS I think that in myopenhub you need one login for all your openhab servers and the ability to select the current server. Accordingly, in the android application, select the server, and after selecting a site map (perhaps without selecting a server, selecting a site map, but then they must have different names). Also, I think that we need the opportunity, not to publish all the site maps in the myopenhab and android application, but to choose which ones to publish and which ones to not. Also, for users of myopenhab, I would like one user to see one site map, a choice in the user’s settings, and another one.
Thank you!

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