Logitech Circle 2 Camera

Hi all,

are there any known plans for integrating the Logitech Circle 2 Camera?

Hi, any news here?


Any one working on this or has done an integration?


News on that topic?



Seems either not possible or no interest?

Probably as no one knows the camera. Does it have RTSP or any way to get streams or stills locally without using a cloud or app?

Logitech provides an App and an integration into HomeKit.

I am not skilled enough to understand the documentation Logitech provides to judge if an integration is possible or how to do it.

Logitech stores videos and stills for one day in a private cloud and charges for storage for longer periods.

All can be accessed via browser, so that might allow an integration like Amazon Alexa Control perhaps

As I understood, it is not easy to get api key from logitech to access their online apis…