Logitech Harmony Hub Binding - Actions Issue

There seem to be an issue with the defined ACTIONS of the Harmony Hub Binding Addon:

I have the following in the addons directory:

I can bind and control items without issues but the Actions does seems to have an issue when used in the rules e.g.

rule "TV Power"
	Item swNetwork_TV received command ON
	harmonyStartActivity("Watch TV")

The logfiles returns:

17:39:33.852 [DEBUG] [harmonyhub.internal.HarmonyHub:81   ] - HarmonyHub action is not yet configured - execution aborted!

Anyone else having this issue?

Thanks, Gerrit

Can you try

sendCommand(HarmonyHub, “Watch TV”)

assuming your item is called HarmonyHub, and see if that works? This
indeed could be a issue with the action bundle, I don’t think it gets much

One more question, are you naming your hub in the configuration like:


or does you config look more like this:


I’m using the logitech harmony hub binding and harmonyStartActivity() works for me.

I’m not at home yet though so can’t compare config.

Thanks for your help guys. It was a silly mistake that the HUB got a new DHCP IP and binding defined in config was not valid anymore. Yeah… one can only smile and keep pushing forward :smile:

Hi Gerrit,

my router has a reversed ip function in dhcp. So my HarmonyHub always get the same ip. Maybe you can configure this in your router/dhcp too?