Logitech Hub Binding, buttonPress for Activity

Good evening,

May be you can solve my question I’m currently facing:

  • Open Hab2, installed Logitech Hub Binding
  • Binding is configured, starting activities and device button press is working

What I do not get to work is the buttonPress channel working on the current activity. I used the configuration from the binding Web help page: harmonyhub:hub:name_of_hub:buttonPress

My intention is that it can simulate a button press from the remote buttons ok independent of the current chosen activity.

Means, if the activity TV has been started, mute button should mute TV. If activity Webradio has started, same button press would mute the Webradio.

Any hint on how you realized this?

Thanks a lot!

I think that I tried this and it didn’t work with the activity. However, I was able to get buttonpress to work with specific devices under the hub. So, that would be an option, but it’s more of a workaround.

That’s what I also thought. So a workaround would be some rules that choose the button to press according the recognized current activity. I’m sure getting this to work, but hoped the general button press functionality might work as well.

Again, thank you!

I’m home now and looking at my configuration. It turns out that I did figure this out, but I ended up abandoning what I was doing for other reasons.

The solution is to change “harmonyhub:hub” to “harmonyhub:device”:


Let me know if that works for you.

Thank you, but unfortunately this is not working for me.

My Item:
String HarmonyButton { channel=“harmonyhub:device:Wohnzimmer:buttonPress” }
// tried with hub as well

My sitemap item:
Switch item=HarmonyButton label=“Global” mappings=[Mute=“Mute”]
// tried “Pause” as well.

No success :frowning:

Hmm, I’ll have another look tonight. I definitely had it working to skip ahead.

To figure out the strings that have to be sent, I think I went into the Harmony app and looked at the button mappings for the remote control. When you assign a command to a button, you can see the exact string used by the Harmony Hub.

That being said, I would expect “Mute” and “Pause” to work.

@gforums the feature you are talking about is only available with the 2.5 nightly releases, i don’t think even the 2.5 milestone release from January has that in it (but i honestly don’t remember). What version of openHAB are you using?

Well, that entirely explains how I got it working. I installed a snapshot binding in early April.

Sorry @gforums, I’m leading you on a bit of a wild goose chase!

okay - I got it working!

I used this snapshot file:


Important was to remove all things and add them new after installing this new binding.
Now, both commands are working:

String HarmonyButton { channel=“harmonyhub:device:Wohnzimmer:buttonPress” }
String HarmonyButton2 { channel=“harmonyhub:hub:Wohnzimmer:buttonPress” }

I am on openhab 2.4 on a synology.

Thank you for your help!