Logo PLC common things

Hi !

I want to change from fhem to openhab2… my first step ist to integrate my 4 Logo PLCs (they do light control in my house)
But i have the first common problem… i read manual an tried serveral ways to my target , but i fail alwas at the beginning.

So i added on PLC
Bridge plclogo:device:logo_kg [ address=“”, family=“0BA7”, localTSAP=“0x0100”, remoteTSAP=“0x0200”, refresh=600 ]
so far so good… plc is shown as online…
But now i want to add Q1 for viewing if light is on or off
i tried e.g.
Thing digital tueroeffner “Tueroeffner” @ “´Kellergeschoss” kind=“Q1”
but openhab stops using this config file because of errors…
How is able to provide an example for a Q or I or M… then i think i will see where my failure is…

Ciao Gerd

Welcome to the community!

Please post the errors in the logs.

Also use code fences when posting config’s and logs. It’s the sheet of paper icon left of the gear icon (second icon going right to left).:wink:

If this is the actual Thing in your file, looks like it’s missing “[ ]” around kind=“Q1”


Thing digital tueroeffner “Tueroeffner” @ “´Kellergeschoss” [ kind=“Q1” ]```

Hi @goerdi,

please, read documentation carefully.
Especially examples section on the page bottom.

Kind regards,