Logon with Keys into remote SSH host

I have an item that perform an ssh command into remote host.

String PRESENZA_MACLIST "Lista MAC Address[%s]" { exec="<[/usr/bin/ssh root@dd-wrt wl_atheros assoclist:10000:REGEX((.*))]"}

I have openhab 1.8 running as root, so I added key to root user and made autologon working.
Now openhab2 run with an user called openhab, and I have no password of this user (I just tried karaf as password).
How can I do to configure this Item?

Perhaps I need to logon on my openhab box as openhab user then run ssk-keygen and then ssh-copy-id.
The fact is that i do not know as login on my debian box as openhab.
I installed via apt-get



had the same issues.
Here is a good tutorial, was usefull for me:


Hi @Frank-Cube,
thanks for tutoria, very helpful and now work