LogReader does not gather information


I don’t know why, but I do not get the LogReader things resp. items running. Maybe I don’t see the wood for the trees.

Thing logreader:reader:openhab_log "openHAB logs" [ filePath="${OPENHAB_LOGDIR}/openhab.log", refreshRate=1000, errorPatterns="ERROR+", warningPatterns="WARN+" ]


Number log_openhab_errors_number "Anzahl Fehler [%d]" <alarm> { channel="logreader:reader:openhab_log:errorEvents" }
String log_openhab_errors_last "Letzte Fehlermeldung [%s]" { channel="logreader:reader:openhab_log:lastErrorEvent" }
Number log_openhab_warnings_number "Anzahl Warnungen [%d]" <alarm> { channel="logreader:reader:openhab_log:warningEvents" }
String log_openhab_warnings_last "Letzte Warnung [%s]" { channel="logreader:reader:openhab_log:lastWarningEvent" }

If I use the items e.g. in a sitemap, there are no information available. Even If I provoke some errors or warnings (e.g. by an erroneous config (test) file), the items does not carry any information - but the log file has in fact some error entries. Same if I look into the thing/item configuration via the admin account on default UI.

Does anybody has an idea what I’m doing wrong here?

Thanks in advance!

What does this mean ?
Using the thing/item configuration via admin account via Main UI you see the warnings/errors or you don’t see them ?

Sorry, for the misleading description.

If I open my OH via web browser on Port 8080, log in with my admin account and go into the details of the thing and the related items, then there is also no information available - The text items are null and the number items are 0.

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The thing itself is green/online ?
For further debugging following the instructions of the binding page and increase the logging for this binding: log:set DEBUG org.openhab.binding.logreader