Long pressing of button in HabPanel (on Android tablet)

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is there any way of realizing a long pressing of a button in a HabPanel displayed on an Android tablet?

When looking for a solution I found the hint to use ng-mousedown and ng-mouseup to estimate start and end of pressing. This does actually work when I view the HabPanel on a Windows PC. But when I hold down my finger on Android tablet, all events (ng-mousedown, ng-mouseup, ng-click) occur nearly at the same time.

It would definately be more comfortable to hold down a button instead of clicking it hundreds of times (when scrolling through a Kodi movie list e.g.).

Thanks for your hints!

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Nobody with the same problem/an idea?

Old thread but I haven’t found a solution yet.
I tried touch events as well but they wouldn’t work at all.
I created a custom widget to simulate different commands and they work in a regular webbrowser.
But on a tabled browser, they do not work.
I tried habpanelviewr as well, but there it seems the comman gets stuck and does not want to go out of the loop unless you manages to refire the command by pressing the button several times.

Custom widget where I send

<div style="position: absolute; cursor: pointer; display: flex; top: 0; left: 0; width: 100%; height: 100%;"
     ng-style="{ 'background-color': itemState('volume') === 'ON' ? 'turquoise' : 'teal' }"
     ng-mousedown="sendCmd('volume', 'ON')" ng-mouseup="sendCmd('volume', 'OFF')">
  <div style="margin: auto">
	Hold me

Rule to fire:

var Timer timer = null // global variable usually

rule "repeat if volume is pushed and hold"
    Item volume received update
    timer = createTimer(now, [ |
        if (volume.state === ON) {
        else volume.sendCommand("OFF")

How do everyone else manage to use their media centers etc?
I have around 100TV channels and scrolling up/down pressing a button equally many times is not fun.

I’m open to suggestions. Maybe a custom widget where I turn the knob and it goes up/down?
I thought about it and it would probably work if properly executed or is that a bad idea?

To make things more difficult, Im using an iTach IR blaster. So the item needs a MAP file for my IR codes (which I have already set up). But the conversion would be more difficult I think.

Any suggestions?