Looking for a BT tracker that can be triggered with OH2

Hi all,

My wife keeps on misplacing her keys, so I got her a Tile. Great but the Alexa integration is a pain when two kids are making noise in the background and she can’t take it when Alexa just responds “Sorry, I could not understand” when you ask her "Alexa, please ask tile to find .

So my idea would be to have something like the Tile, but that has a usable API which I could trigger via openhab. I’d then just place a Z-wave wall scene switch (one or more buttons) and trigger any configured tracker to ring/beep when I hit a configured button.

Does anyone have an idea how this is doable or was able to set something up like that?

I’ve been looking and all the BT trackers I could find out there (tile, trackr and others) don’t have an API.

People use BT trackers for presence detection and scene activation, but I’d like to trigger the sound of a BT tracker.

thanks for any ideas in advance,



The alternative is a non-HA device like the Esky Key Finder - https://www.amazon.de/Schlüsselfinder-kabelloser-Sachenfinder-Taschenlampe-Lichtzeichen-KF-02/dp/B011F97OSU/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1518942075&sr=8-5&keywords=rf+key

For 20€ I am sorted, but then there’s only that remote and no integration for other events:(