Looking for a closet door jamb(not smart)

Hello trying to autamte my closet light but with MQTT\WIFI
just a simple jamb switch

i already have allot of 12V LED strips, i want to reuse them… and i have a AC to 12DC power supply

what kind of door jamb switch do i need so i can

  1. connect the the DC at one end

  2. connect LED strip on the other end

  3. and when the switch is pressed i want no power going to the LEDs


The magic words for a search in English for cupboard light switches is “push to break
Many are electrically rated for 240V/2A which will do fine for your 12V LEDs too.

There are types a cabinet maker can rebate into the wordwork.

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I have used security reed switches and they have lasted a long time.


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