Looking for a LED Controller Firmware/Binfile for standard (NON Digital) LED Strips with effects (ESP8266)


iam looking for a Firmware/Bin for my ESP8266 to control my standard LED Strips.
I found many firmwares which are working very well with OpenHab2 or Standalone over HTTP. eg. Espurna.

But i cannot find any Firmware which supports this fading effects which any cheap controller can do…
Why there is nowhere such firmware ? My programming skills are nearly -zero- so iam looking for a bin file or some code to compile in Arduino IDE. Setting up the Wifi an MQTT in a sketch should be not the problem :slight_smile:

So does anyone know a firmware for an ESP2866 for non digital RGB strips with fading/colorchange effects which can be controlled by MQTT ?

I found a very good firmware for WS2812 LEDs but nothing with effects for the retired 5050 non digital LEDS.
Because i have about 20m of this stripes here, i want to use em, too.



Why don’t you use the milight controllers and the esp milight hub? You could be running in a few hours and the price is very low for them. They are made in rgb and rgbw models.

And here is the info on the esp8266 and mqtt bridge to get openhab support. No soldering or programming knowledge needed


I found this solution some days ago. I will work for my projects, but a standalone device would be a much better solution for me.

Why theres no ESP2866 based RGB Controller with effects out there ?
An ESP, 3 Mosfets/Transistors plus some resistors are not hard to put together :slight_smile:

The Magichome LED Controller is ESP2866 based and has this effects. So i thing the ESP can handle this function.
Because i have 10 Wemos D1 Mini, i want to build the Controller myself.

There are quite a few DIY options, just google ESP 5050 MQTT
for example ESPurna may do what you want, e.g., http://tinkerman.cat/magic-home-led-controller-espurnad/

Oh yes, i found this project, too. It currently runs on my ESP with sucessful integration in OH2. But Espurna doesnt have any effects. You just can change the color/brightness.
Iam looking for some rainbow / fading effects.

Using google didnt helped me out, there is no project out there which i can use :frowning:

Well…here it fades too: https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-fit-LED-kitchen-lights-with-fade-effect/

Its not for an ESP2866. Theres no MQTT or Wifi.

It’s for an arduino.
The code will be very similar and you can add the Wifi and MQTT in the code of the ESP

Ok, thanks 2 all :slight_smile:

I´ll give it up.

Theres nothing final out there, so no one is interested in it. I dont want to learn all the programming part. Just want to light up my home :wink:

I´ll dispose off this damn old LED Stripes and buy some WS2812B. There is a finished and running Binary for download.