Looking for a more compact remote switch than CMR-1000


I bought an Intertechno CMR-1000 remote switch, and it works just fine with my test setup. So far, so good.

However, I wanted to place this switch inside a fluorescent lamp case (the lamp is 54W T8). The case is long enough (it’s 1.5m long), but it’s not high/wide enough to hold the remote switch, which is about 0,5cm too wide/long. Does anyone know of a more compact alternative that would fit into my lamp case?

Thanks in advance,


Hello @AndreS

I also got an CMR-1000. How did you set it up with OpenHAB? How do you translate the code from the wheels on it to OpenHAB? If I, e.g., have code M-9 how does that work in OpenHAB? I would be glad if you could give me a hint.

Thanks a lot!

Hi @antares2001,
sorry for the late response, I was/am on vacation and could not answer your question. I’ll be home this weekend and will let you know what I did to get it running.

Hi @AndreS

thank you for your response - that keeps me hoping I’ll be able to get it running! I’d appreciate that a lot, as I’m still struggling to get it running. Did you also combine it with a switch somehow, or do you operate it over the air solely?


Hi @antares2001,

I’m running it solely “over the air”. I have a Tinkerforge setup with a couple of sensors and one remote switch that I’m using with OpenHAB. In the openhab.cfg I just added the following:


Then I added the corresponding button to my sitemap, and voilà!

Note: I had to change/set the “repeats” parameter; a value of 1 did not always work.

HTH, André

Hi @AndreS

so you’re using it on OpenHAB 1 I suppose? I just started with OpenHAB 2 (before I used Domoticz) so I’ll have to figure out how to get that working in my setup. I also have never dealt with Tinkerforge so another new thing to deal with :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help. If I get it right the system code and device code are basically what was set on the relay, isn’t it!?


Hi @antares2001,

yes, I’m still using OpenHAB 1. I’ve started setting up OpenHAB 2 on another Raspberry Pi, but I haven’t gotten far yet.

And yes, the values for the system and device codes are exactly what I set on the relay.

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