Looking for a Outdoor Wireless Magnetic Contact sollution

Hi all,
I am looking for a outdoor magnetic contact that I can incorperate into my openhab setup. The place where I want to install the sensor has WLAN but no AC. So it must be battery driven.A WLAN based sollution is prefered. I dont’t have any other 3rd Party smart home systems (like Homematic, Zigbee, etc) in place.

Anyone know such a device?

Any help is greatly apreciated!


The power requirements of WLAN conflict with battery life, this is why you won’t see many commercial products like this.

True. But one would be enough. :grinning:

Magnetic contacts alone tend to be battery draining.
In some of the residence halls where I work we have Wi-Fi door locks running off batteries. They were advertised to last a year but I think we get about 4 months from a set of batteries. They only contact the server for updates once a day unless they see a new badge the do not recognize.