Looking for a remote

I have a Sylvania (osram) zigbee light strip with no buttons to turn it on and off. I would like a button that I can link to openhab to turn it on and off and maybe to set the color temp. I have tried the osram lightify 4 button remote but from everything I read it is not yet working with openhab. Any suggestions?

Zigbee or z-wave? You tagged the thread zwave.

In case of a zwave solution: Fibaro the button

Either zigbee or zwave. I have the 4button osram which is zigbee but it is not fully supported in openhab. Wondering what all options there are and what would be the cheapest.

Z-Wave devices are different depending on world region. Where are you located?

United States

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OK, somebody else mentioned “The Button”. Zooz & their store, thesmartesthouse have indicated they will add OpenHAB to their compatibility list & help us support their products.

Thanks for the suggestion.
Being I already have the Osram ZigBee remote is there any way I can help get it working? data or logs? I’m not a programmer but am willing to test.

There is another discussion on this device somewhere. It needs a little work to get it running with the binding which I will look at in a few weeks. However I don’t know how to configure the device, and this probably requires someone to sniff the traffic (as per the other discussion).

If you have an ikea close I would suggest ikea remote. They are $10-20 us depending on model. This assumes if would function on your zigbee setup. I believe it will.

From China would be the xiamoi they make some remotes. I have not used them yet but others here have.