Looking for a smart light that works on bateries and integrates with openHAB

Hello guys,

I have a question. I’m searching for a smart light that works only on a battery and integrated with openHAB. It doesn’t need to be a big light, but rather a small one - just so that someone can see it as a signal. Ideally RGB, but having 3 unique colours is enough. The application is that I would see whether something is online just by looking at the state of the light. Can anyone perhaps recommend such a device?

I think you are going to have to go DIY for something like this. I’d use an ESP8266 like the NodeMCU as the mocrocontroller and one each of red, green, and blue LEDs. The lights would need to be normally off to avoid burning through the batteries too fast.

Getting a NodeMCU to blink an LED is the training wheels of DIY electronics or “Hello World” in programming. With Tasmota or ESPEasy you wouldn’t even need to write the code. Just upload the firmware to the NodeMCU and configure it through the browser.

The hard part would be the case. For this you can 3D print something, hollow out a block of wood, or use a found/repurposed object as the case. I personally like the last one the best.

Thanks for your response!

Not the cheapest but a very nice solution: Hue Go?