Looking for a Socket Device to messure my Power Consumtion

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as mentioned above i am looking for an “plug and play” device to messure some of my power consumtion. I found some informations about sonoff and gosund both have to be flashed to use them in openhab and (if i’m right) not to send data to some chinese cloud systems. I am open for DIY so i wouldn’t have a problem to try my “luck” soldering to flash the Firmware. However i found here that openhab has some TP-Link products as bindings and found this Socket “HS110 Smart Wi-Fi Plug”. After some more research i found a thread where people were complaining that TP-Link is not available in OpenHab. So is the HS110 Smart Wi-Fi Plug messureable in Openhab or not? Also what do you use for messuring your power consumtion.

I am a total newbie in this genre of setting up an smart home and would aprreciate your help.

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I´m using TP.link HS110. It´s working just fine.
I´m also using Sonoff POW R2 (flashed with Tasmota). It works fine as well using mqtt.

If you need a outlet/socket, got for the TP-Link or something simular. (Z-wave outlets is an alternative as well, but require a Z-wave controller ofcouse).

If you dont need the outlet/socket, Sonoff POW R2 is VERY cheap alternative. I have ordered quite a few more of these devices, which I intend to install in several places in our home to meassure the power consumption.


Thank you for your reply! For flashing the Sonoff POW R2 is there soldering required? Is it difficult to setup mqtt?

No and no :slight_smile:
You´ll need the FTDI232 interface to flash the sonoff. But you dont have to solder the pins. I dont, I just keep them connected by hand, while the flashing going on, (takes aprox a minute).
It was pretty easy to setup mqtt, when I first understodd what it was all about. Took me a few hours, and I had the Sonoff Pow R2 and the Sonoff 433mhz RF brigde up running.

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Thanks again I ordered the HS 110 today and found a product list for a Ferrais gauge for my junction box also via mqtt :slight_smile:

Hey @Kim_Andersen,

I’ve setup the TP-Link HS110 and found a little Tutorial for calculating the daily costs. The result looks like this.

I have now trouble displaying my Monthly costs and Consumption. I saw in the app from TP-Link “Kasa” that you can see your Monthly usage but I’m having trouble displaying it in Openhab. Do you maybe have a solution for this?

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You´ll have to create a rule for this to work. I havn´t tried myself though, so I wouldnt know :frowning:

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