Looking for a tip Insteon only working one-way

Hello! I am looking for some assistance. I have an insteon 2245-222 paired with a plug in module 2457D2. My issue is that when I manually control it, using the side buttons openhab sees this and updates the sitemap slider properly. However, when I control the slider it does not control the dimmer module. It seems as if my communication is only happening one way. I am thinking I am missing some type of simple config, but I am not seeing it.

insteonplm.cfg file:




Items file:

Dimmer Lamp "Lamp" {insteonplm="35.3F.5F:F00.00.19#dimmer"}
Dimmer Lamp2 "Lamp2" {insteonplm="35.4E.C4:F00.00.19#dimmer"}


sitemap homedev label="D & C"
	Frame { 
Slider item=Lamp label="InsDimmer"
Slider item=Lamp2 label="SW2"

Any debug tips or things to check would be appreciated. I seem to have lost myself somewhere along the way.

Solved: The binding needed to be re-installed. After that it works.

I suspect you have only physically paired the devices one way. Did you pair the module as both a controller and a responder? The controller pairing would make the part work where you press the buttons on the module and openHAB responds, and the responder pairing would would make the part work where you move the slider in OH and the module responds.

@tommycw10 from reading the documentation, I am suspecting the same thing. I am confused though on how to pair properly both ways. I am under the impression I did pair both ways.

My first step was to pair using the hub app on the iphone. This allows the app to function as expected giving both control and status.

After it did not function properly in openhab, I deleted the devices and paired manually. First holding the set button on the hub then pressing set on the dimmer. Second holding the set button on the dimmer and pressing the set button on the hub. From reading the documentation, it looks as if this is the proper method. Although, I thought the ios app would do both for me.

Assuming pairing is my issue, I can’t figure out how how to verify the pairing is correct or incorrect.

Here is a capture using insteon terminal:

It shows the device is a responder and controller. If this is correct then I am paired correctly I believe. I am going to setup full logging later today and I will post my log files for the binding. I am sure this is a simple problem I am overlooking.

Not sure how this happened, I checked in paper UI yesterday and the binding was installed fine. However today, the binding was not installed. Very confused how a binding not installed will still work one-way.

I saw the issue when I went to the rest api and karaf console and it showed no insteon binding. I then went to the paper ui where it showed uninstalled. It appears to be working now!

On to the next problem, why do bindings keep uninstalling since they are in my addons.cfg!

One tools that can be used to help debug is located here:


It builds the Http commands to control the hub. Works like a champ.