Looking for a WiFi light switch, UK spec no neutral requited

As the title says.

Can anybody recommend a WIFI light switch suitable for UK wiring without needing a neutral wore that can interface with OpehHAB?

I already have a MQTT server setup so is there one that can be flashed with Tasmota?


Have you thought about Shelly 1L? I’m using several of these (but with Neutral), and except one, all work fine.The one i had problems with was easily replaced by shelly and works quite well so far.
OpenHAB has a shelly binding, so no need to fumble with MQTT.

I’ve just had a look at that and, unless I have gotten the wrong impression, it can be used without a neutral but you have to install a bypass unit across the load meaning the bypass unit would have to be installed into the light fitting itself. This will pose some issues with space and access to the internals of the fitting on some of my lights.

On further investigation I have found that the bypass is not always needed depending on the wattage of the lights so might not need on for every fitting. Not too expensive so might pick one up and do some testing.