Looking for a z-wave motion and position sensor

I’m looking for a z-wave sensor which has the same functions as the Gigaset elements universal.
There are so many z-wave sensors with magnets, motion detection, and shock detection, but I couldn’t find one with an acceleration sensor, which can detect a position or transmit a position as an angle.
I have 5 base stations for z-wave, homematic, Philips hue, Ikea tradfri and WLAN, I don’t want to add another station for dect-ule.

thanks in advance

Link to the Gigaset elements universal

I think some of the zwave garage door tilt sensors might be usable. Beyond that I don’t know of any.

But if you have Hue, there might be some Zigbee sensors that fit the requirements that you can use without another hub.

I’m not sure why an acceleration sensor would transmit an angle. I would expect it to transmit velocity in e.g. m/s.

May be this garage door / tilt sensor is what you’re looking for. Note that I don’t own one, so I can’t tell if it provides an angle or may be just 0 when horizontal an 1 when vertical.

From the manual:

Thanks a lot,
I did not think about the hue bridge.
But how can I connect a non-hue device to the hue bridge?

It seems that the Xiaomi DJT11LM has the possibility to send the XYZ values.
Just a pity that the sensor has no temperature, air pressure sensors and no presets for the window status. The temperature on the windows is not necessary and the status can calculate via rules.

The most acceleration sensors have 3 axes for detection m/s^2. With the constant gravity of 9,81 m/s^2, you can detect the angle of the sensor in 3D space because the gravity is always orthogonal to the earth surface. If the sensor is tilted, the value of gravity is split on the axes, with a little bit of trigonometry you can calculate the angle of the sensor.
If the sum of all 3 axes are more or less than 9,81m/s^2 the sensor is in motion.

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I have one of those sensors, or at least the Monoprice version. It’s just a simple mercury tilt switch inside and reports as a contact with vertical being closed and horizontal being open.

I imagine the same way you pair a Hue device. Hue bulbs and devices are Zigbee too. I don’t have a Hue anything so I can’t provide specifics.

Thats not going to work, as far as I know.
I wanted to try add a zigbee door/window sensor as well as another brand (Trust) motion sensor. Philips Hue does not give an option to add anything else than what it already know, (bulbs, switches, plugs etc)… Or at least, I couldnt find an option in the Hue app. I havn´t tried any 3.part app though.

Since two days read many articles around ZigBee and Hue.

You only can add devices, which are compatible with the hue hub, one of the criteria is that they use the same ZigBee id for light bulbs.

I add all my ikea tradfri bulbs to the hue hub, to remove the tradfri hub.
It is working very well, and now I can shift smoothly through the color temperatures.

I bought one of the ZigBee vibration sensors and tried to connect it to the hue bridge with no success.
I also bought a ZigBee stick for my raspberry pi, but I’m still waiting for it.

I think I have to extend the ZigBee binding because it doesn’t list such kind of device.