Looking for advice on compatible DVD/Bluray players

Hi all,

I’m brand new to OpenHAB (my lightwave devices don’t even arrive until tomorrow!) and amongst the many devices that require an upgrade in my house, my DVD/Bluray player is one.

Are there bindings for DVD players in the same way that there are for Smart TVs?

Is there a “recommended” DVD player that is known to work well with OpenHAB?

My end goal is to press play on the DVD player and have the lightwaverf lights dim etc.and the film start to play.

I’m a software developer for my day job and a hardware hacker by night (arduinos etc), so I’m not afraid to get my hands dirty if required!

Thanks in advance for any help,


I would disagree with such approach.
From my perspective it should work this way:
You pressing a ‘play’ on some remote control device
OH receiving the play command and
a) sending a dim command to some lighting device
b) sending a play command to your player (IR or other means)

OK, so some kind of IR Blaster to receive the input into the OH server and then another to send the signal on to the DVD player?

Sounds like a plan… :slightly_smiling:


Matt (always happy to have my assumptions challenged! :slight_smile: )

Generally yes, as a concept.
Possible variations:
touchscreen or smartphone app or even a voice command to trigger OH action
IR blaster to send a command to a player

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Brilliant, thanks.

I’ve managed to get OH up and running with my milight setup tonight, my lightwaverf kit turns up tomorrow!

I’ll look into the IRBlaster things soon!