Looking for AsusWRT binding or script

I have been tinkering with Home Assistant recently :blush: and have found great use in their AsusWRT device tracker.

This is working perfectly for detecting the 3 iPhones in our home.

What is does is connect to the router over SSH (with password or ssh-key) and execute some scripts. I haven’t reversed engineerd this, but am wondering if someone has similar functionality working in openhab. Or if anyone is currently developing a dedicated one.

I’m currently looking into that, but unfortunately I don’t have the knowledge to port it. It’s weird that nobody cares about it, since ASUS routers are pretty common and it’s a great way of detecting presence.

Is anyone interested in it?

(sorry for the bump, but I wanted to ask that exact question)

If you have an ASUS router that supports ddwrt you gain SNMP support and then can review instructions on how I query my network equipment for detection.

From DD WRT - https://wiki.dd-wrt.com/wiki/index.php/SNMP	Associated MAC	text	00:ff:as:dd:44:55

My detection method - Leveraging SNMP to detect your mobile device

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Any news?
I also wait for asus router binding