Looking for buttons for usage with OpenHab

Hello there,
I am looking for an option to switch my smart light in my room via a switch mounted to the wall. I would love a solution that can be recharged.
As I am using a FritzBox, I was thinking about the four button fritz 440, but I read in the forum, that it has a quite long trigger time, which I would like to avoid.
Is there anything comparable to it? Maybe also with a screen?

Thanks for any suggestions

I’m using Shelly for any wall mounted switch

Right. Use Shellys. Excellent devices, excellent binding

I seem to remember the shelly buttons didn’t have a great response time though unless it was USB powered, I know you mentioned this as a concern with the Fritz button.

Others with more experience of the shelly may be able to tell me my concerns were wrong though.

I’ve just tried with a Shelly 1L (flashed with Tasmota), which is triggered by a ZigBee switch over MQTT - so there’s a lot of hops. Approximately 0.3 seconds from button press to lights on.

Taking out the zigbee part of this process we’re down to almost instant.

But Shelly is not battery powered. If OP wants battery power they should be looking at ZWave or ZigBee switches.

Battery powered version

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Ah, I see - the OP wants a button to control his already smart bulb, not a smart switch. Got it!

For clarification, there are no battery powered Shelly smart switches.

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Just changed the title, not English native…

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I was thinking about shellys, but I think German law requires an electrician to install anything connected to mains, that seems a little overkill to me. But actually a shelly could act as a transducer to notify openhab about the change of the switch position or am I wrong?

Several options using zigbee

  • philips hue dimmer button
  • xiaomi aqara button - I have lots of them.
  • ikea buttons, there are many choices. I’ve used their symfonisk rotary button as a dimmer, but their multi button (up down left right and middle button) is also very interesting.

All of these are battery powered. The ikea symfonisk has a magnet so it would stick to wall corners, because they use metal corners under my walls.