Looking for concept ideas to persist location


right now I have connected my iPhone location with the iCloud binding to OH and I am persisting it every30Minutes to a MySQL DB. The idea is to create a map at the end of the year to see where I’ve been.
As it’s not possible to persist location items at the moment I’ve created new text items which I update when the location items are changed.

So, I’m not very happy with the every30Minutes but have no idea how to do it better.
If I’d persist for everyChange, that would possibly lead to an entry every 5 minutes as the position changes even if I didn’t move. GPS is not that precisely…
On the other hand 30 minutes may be not enough if I’m going fast (you know, here in Germany there’s no speed limit :wink: )

So, ideally it would “change” my text items (that I persist) only if the location changed “more than XYZ meters”… But it’s not easy as the location is probably a combination with the accuracy.

Do you guys know what I mean?

Does somebody have an idea how to find the best way for that?


What’s the purpose of storing all your location data? What will you feed it into? If it’s just for laughs, do you have google maps on your iphone? as unless turned off, it’s storing this information already…under the timeline review.

Are you short on space? Is this a problem even worth solving is what I’m getting at, because it is going to be a lot of work (not to mention the fact that you will have to convert these strings back to numbers at some point to put the points on the map).

You will have to create a Proxy Item and Rule. This Proxy Item is what gets persisted. Then you need a Rule that only updates the Proxy Item when the current location is a certain distance from the Proxy Item. But to do that you probably need to keep it as a Location Item which means you need another Proxy Item to save the lat/long in a String.

actually I wanted to import it to a google map document in Gdrive. So, your idea should do it. I’m gonna give it a try, although I don’t see anything in the timeline review yet.


You’re probably right. I think my 4 TB should be enough. But the question is if all the data can be imported to G Maps then.
But if G Maps can do it out of the box, I probably don’t need it at all :smiley: