Looking for energy management system testers

No idea if your still searching.
7,2kWp PV with Kostal Inverter and 9kW Battery. Heat pump, whiteware and ventilation system are in Openhab.

The only remaining device type I’m looking for to test is Solaredge.
The EMS is on sale and supports Kostal devices including battery.

Is there anybody with a Solaredge inverter and a battery willing to test my EMS to get a unit for free ?

The system matured a lot, it’s even working without any inverter now :wink: provided you have a variable power tariff.

I have a SolarEdge invertor, no battery but a Skoda Enyaq. If that’s good enough for you lete know.

Thanks for getting back with me but that won’t be of much help. It needs to be an inverter-controlled battery.
There’s already a config for SolarEdge on board but unfinished.
You can install the demo to see if it works.

Hello mstormi,

I can offer an Energy Butler from M-TEC inverter and battery. Can do some test if you are interested in that brand.

br. Christian

Markus, my setup consists of a Fronius Symo 5.0, a Symo Hybrid 5.0 and a battery. Also a Fronius Wattpilot exists.

Is this combination supported?

I think it should work. Try the demo.

Hello Markus,

I have two SolarEdge inverters (one single phase and a three phase). Recently switched to dynamic tariffs. I have no battery yet, but ordered one last week. I’m very interested in your ems and willing to help you testing it.

I already have a OpenHAB system running. For example, I automated the running of the dishwasher in the 3 cheapest hours of the day.