Looking for examples of other members sitemaps and item files


I’m still working on switching over my HASS system to openhab, and all my items and gadgets work, but nbot I am working on creating the sitemap files. I have Habpanel working great for tablets, but I would like to get it working with the smartphone app as well.

I would like to have the sitemap divided into sections, with each opening up a sub-section or group. Ex. 1st floor, living room, 2nd floor, bedroom, etc.

I have been reading through the documentation, and I do have some understanding of what do to (i think) but I was wondering if there were any examples users have uploaded onto the net to use? I know HASS has this, and several are featured (ex. https://github.com/bruhautomation/BRUH3-Home-Assistant-Configuration); was wondering if the same existed for openhab.


There are some people who post their configs on github.
Here is 1 example:

I think that there are more… (can’t find the links now)
You could try a generic search on github: Link