Looking for files

Hello everyone! Please, help me: I cannot find where the files of OpenHAB3 are stored? All folders like "D:\OpenHAB\cong\rules\ consist just files “readme.txt”. I use Windows 10.

This is a general question, not milestone related.

That is normal. If you use the GUI to create Items, Things, Rules they are not stored in files there.
You can still use those folders for OH2 style text config files if you wish.

Thank you for the reply! But I’d like to use GUI to create all - it’s convinient for me. But some examples I can see just as o codes. I want to try them - and my (created via GUI) together.

I don’t know what examples of what you are looking at.

e.g. myrules.rules

openHAB will not convert any input given through UI or REST API to a text configuration file. You have to write it manually.
Please be aware that there is a very good editor for openHAB text configuration, this is VSCode with the openHAB plugin.

You can use text and UI configuration parallel. Any text configuration will be shown as read only in the UI, while UI configuration will not be shown at all in text configuration.