Looking for hassle free Ventian Blind (tilt) zwave controller

I have some Venetian blinds with tilt capability what I am going to include into my Openhab system. I already use Zwave (Aeotec gen 5) so I am going to manage them via Zwave. I read through several topics but still not clear to me which controller would be the best option to buy. As I can see

  • Roller Shutter 3, and
  • Qubino ZMNHCD
    they are the best options, but non of them are really hassle free or have some drawback, e.g. don’t report back slats state correctly.

Could you please write which controller do you suggest? Managing slats tilt is a must, and correct reporting is also important to me. On the other hand I tend to spend more time on installation. :slight_smile:

I don’t know of any others than these, but I’ve got various Fibaro gen 1 and 2 shutters working incl. tilt angle reporting using proprietary Fibaro command classes.

Could you please describe in nutshell what are Fibaro command classes, and how do you use them? I am not familiar with it. :slight_smile:

It’s a manufacturer-proprietary extension command class for ZWave. The OH ZWave binding supports this one. You can specify reports to use either that or standard class via setting some ZWave parameter.