Looking for input module

I have an underfloor heating in my house. Now I want to get the status of the heating loop (valve activated / not activated) in OH.
The thermostats are controlling the valve with 230V. I had the idea to put a relay in between to get the information if activated, or not.
So I need some (5) inputs for the signals, preferably with wifi or zwave connection.
The box, where the valves are located is quite small; 230V power is available.
I haven’t found any so far. Any hints or ideas for products to buy?

Any general purpose actuator to have inputs e.g. for light switches should do, e.g. Fibaro FGS-223.
And will allow for overriding valve openinng control, too, on the go.

No idea how your actuator works, but if it’s a solenoid, a magnetic window switch might work, if it’s mechanical and you have access to movement, a garage door sensor might work. Or a very small 220V activated relay connected to the external input of a sensor. My Momoprice garage door sensor has inputs like that.


Any z-wave relay -possibly dry contact would do, if the situation is as you describe. there is even a universal binary sensor from fibaro.

In case your valves don’t respond to a simple open/close command, but are able to manage zones depending on heat request (close and open partially with a % measure), than what you need are floor heating modules (i know qubino produces them in z-wave).

That would mean: you need to integrate z-wave into your system, and if you are not familiar with it, it takes learning as any protocol.
You have 2 routes- z way binding or z-wave binding.
For z-way biniding stick to OH2.2 until a new update is released.
For z-way you need to check carefully whether the devices you wish to use are properly implemented in the database, or if you are able to, even edit them yourself.


Have you considered changing the manifold actuators for 4 wire versions that contain ‘valve open’ microswitches.

I use the microswitches to signal a heat call, but no reason why you couldn’t use them to indicate each zone state.


Thanks for all your ideas.

I was looking for input only, but as you mentioned if I switch to another solution there will be more benefit. I will go this way.
Unfortunately I have to stick to my valves as I replaced many of them a year ago :slightly_frowning_face:.

I’m wondering, that I haven’t found any input only modules for home automation (DIY), just output only or IO-modules. For industrial automation there are plenty of them.

Have you seen the range of input modules in the Velbus range?


Check out the Universal input module, or the din rail module.

They all have various timers, alarms, lock outs and status reporting.

Good luck,


Very interesting, in principle what I was looking for, but it seems that a wireless (e.g. wifi) interface module is missing.
Unfortunately I have no possibility to draw a new line from the installation point.

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If there is permanent mains power at the valve box, it would be possible to use a (pair of) powerline ethernet adaptors to get signalling

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