Looking for iPad mini 2 well locking UserInterface and some tipps

Hi all.

For the moment I’ve nearly finished the configuration of my 1.8.2 openHAB Server. Now I’m searching for a nice looking UI which I can use on my iPad mini. I found ImperiHome where also an OH binding is available for older versions but this is not under maintenance at the moment.

So please share your experiences with me.

  • What UIs are you using?
  • Do you have tipps for using an iPad mini2 as device for me?

I’m happy for all informations I can have.

Thans in advace.


I’m using Commandfusion. Works quite well on my iOS and Android Devices.
But in principle if your iDevice supports Siri and Homekit, I would use it - to switch something on or off it’s best choice. For the rest use OpenHAB app.