Looking for Nest Cam testers

None of these item types are loading:
CamLastEventHasSound -
CamLastEventHasMotion -
CamLastEventStartTime -/- -:-
CamLastEventEndTime -/- -:-
CamLastEventUrlsExpireTime -/- -:-
CamLastEventWebUrl -
CamLastEventAppUrl -
CamLastEventImageUrl -

Here are logs:


I did force the camera to create a new event and it still does not show up.

Sorry about the naming trouble. I hope I didn’t make too much work for you.

I have a new JAR at this link that should give access to the properties under "last_event.". Please let me know if it helps or doesn’t help, thanks.

Looks great! It’s all there.

Would be great to embed the animated gif in a sitemap. I’m not sure I see a way to do that with a dynamic url though.

I’m sure there must be a way, hopefully something less drastic than re-generating your sitemap with a rule.

Hi Joseph,
Just one more check to make you think all is OK with the binding update to support Nest Cams. I would like to merge the pull request into the 1.8 release, so please let me know if it looks good to do so. Thanks!


I’ve merged the Nest Cam support into the master branch so it will be in the openHAB 1.8 release. Please try nightly builds before then to make sure all is ready for release. Thanks!

@watou How well is this working in OH2?


I don’t know, but I strongly suspect it’s working as well as the rest of the binding under OH2. Last I heard the actual viewing relies on Adobe Flash, but that might have improved. I wish the video and image widgets took String item states for their URLs, since they’re dynamic, but a rule could copy images to statically named files. I only know what Nest Cam owners report, but I haven’t heard much!