Looking for openhab wifi devices

I am new at Opehab and I would like to set up a project that requires a door sensor , motion sensor. I have tried to look for any of the existing devices that uses wifi and is supported by Openhab and I have failed to find one , all I could see was those of using Z Wave . I kindly request for suggestion if anyone knows any device .

If you want to solder your own sensors and have a cheap wifi solution, try an ESP8266.
Available firmwares are ESPEasy or Homie (and many more).
Connection to openHAB is made through MQTT binding and a mqtt server, f.e. mosquitto if you are running openHAB on a Raspberry Pi.

Or for out-of-the-box stuff, Wemo motion sensor and perhaps WirelessTag PIR or motion sensor

Thank you guys for all your suggestions. They are help full :slight_smile: