Looking for physical button pushing device

I managed to automate 99% of my home, lights, radiators, audio, projector, you name it. There is one thing left, and that is my coffee machine. I would like to turn it on remotely. Unfortunately, it does not have any interface other than physical buttons.
Any idea how I can get that automated? Do any remote “button pushers” exist on the market?

I think it’s pointless to automate the coffee making process. Too many things that can go wrong or that cannot be automated (such as to deploy a clean cup).
I have solved this implementing presence detection and playing an announcement “my dear wife, thank you very much for getting me a coffee”.
If that does not work out for you, check out maybe this.

You could adapt this to coffee.


There is flic, switchbot, MicroBot (I had one of these for awhile, got it cheap) and I’m sure tons and tons of kickstarter projects out ther.

They are typically BT so you’ll have to find some Python script on GitHub to interact with it outside it’s native app, and at least in the MicroBot case, it was not super fast nor reliable. I wouldn’t use it to control a coffee machine personally.

I used it because my very expensive but purchased before I got into home automation Bose speaker does not have the ability to remain on all the time. I have a Chromcast Audio plugged into it and cast music to it all the time but have to physically go over to the speaker to turn it on. The MicroBot worked OK for this but the glue that held it in place gave way. And periodically it would just start pushing the button randomly.

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Check out the Fingerbot. They just had a successful Kickstarter campaign, and actually show it being used with a coffeemaker (that seems to be a popular motivation).

The devices are Bluetooth, but there’s a wifi bridge and a cloud API. Looks like they’re close to shipping now.

It is not about making coffee. It is about warming coffee maker automatically so that I dont have to wait 30s for it to get warm and allow me to brew something up instantly.