Looking for remote support for openhab 2.5.10 and knx binding

Hey all,

since I am not able to solve my problem with openhab 2.5.10 and my knx-installation … I need someone how is able and willing to help me. I have no more clues… My binding keeps crashing (lose connection - maximum send attempts tuwien.auto.calimero.KNXAckTimeoutException: maximum send attempts, no service acknowledgment received) and nothing I do helps.
I use a MDT IP Router and a standalone ubuntu 20.04 server.

I really dont want to burn your time and so … I offer if you can solve my problem to pay for your time. Lets talk about that. Send me a pm :-).

So really: PLEASE HELP ME! I am close to give totally up.

Hi Patrick,

i have a setup with MDT IP Interface SCN-IP000.03 and openhab 2.5.10. works like a charm since 2 years.
that what i have in my knx.things

Bridge knx:ip:scn_ip "SCN-IP0000.02"@"KNX" [

ipAddress=“” - is the IP address on KNX interface (the same as in KNX ETS).
localSourceAddr=“1.0.250” - is address for IP interface (again, the same as in KNX ETS)
localIp=“” is IP address of openhab.

first check, can you ping your KNX IP address from openhab ubuntu? e.g. in my case


do you have ETS? can you check connection settings there?
(screenshot is not from my setup, so address is different)

Hi Eugen,
thank you for your answer.

It worked also like a charm, until i updated it from 2.5.2 or something to 2.5.10, which I had to, because my Amazon-Binding needed an update.

According to your questions… i will try to answer as much as possible now, the rest this evening, when I am home again.

  • Ping works all the time. No problem at all.
  • Right now my knx.things is as simple as possible, just type and ipAdress for the bridge and only two of my deviced. And still it crashes after minutes or hours :frowning:

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