Looking for Smart Multiple-Locations (WIFI) Switch Options

Anyone aware of options for smart switches that are usable for controlling lighjs from multiple locations ?

The typical installation uses:

  1. 1× 3-way switch near the mains
  2. 1× 3-way switch near the load
  3. 1 (or more) 4-way switche(s) in between
  4. All the above connected by travelers (2 wires)

There are many options out there for 2-locations, but for 3+, not much, except for some pricey/zwave solutions.

Also, looking for WIFI only.

Some are indeed pricey. If you are in North America the Zooz switches work with traditional switches in multiple location scenarios. I have one with 2 locations and it works well. Their customer support is awesome too.

Thank you, those are z-wave . I’m looking for WiFi if at all available.

Check out the Shelly devices, they can use WiFi or you can flash the firmware to use something like Tasmota. They are small so you can place them behind the existing wall switch and use it manually or via WiFi.