Looking for solution to control 220V powered LED spots with Openhab

I’m looking for a hardware solution to control LED spots through Openhab. The LED spots are 220V powered, having an integrated transfo converting to DC. The switch wiring is 24V.

As Shelly RGBW2 is only running on low voltage, I can’t use it for the 220V powered LED spots.

One of the options might be Installing an Eltako FUD14 actuator in my switchboard and make use of an USB300 gateway to capture the signal on my raspberry pi, where Openhab is running.
As physical light switch, a plain Niko 24V 4-fold switch would be used.

Is the Eltako actuator able to generate a funk message from a manual touch on the Niko switch, or does it require a compatible Eltako physical switch ?
Is Openhab able to control the Eltako actuator and send a command to the connected light source ?

Any leads or other potential hardware solutions are welcome !