Looking for talks for the Smart Home Day 2018


I am very happy to tell you that we (i.e. the openHAB Foundation) are going to organise another Smart Home Day this year, colocated with the EclipseCon Europe in Ludwigsburg (see here our blog post from last year).

I am just compiling a draft agenda and just like last year, I’d like to invite you to contact me, if you think you have something worthwhile to show or talk about - be it a great new openHAB feature you are working on, a project that you have done with it or just some unusual personal use cases that you have realised with it.

We do not have any formal CfP, but don’t be shy to PM me with any idea and suggestion!

For everyone who only wants to join as an attendee - the registration page will be ready some time next week, I will post it here, once you can register.

Looking forward to a great community event :slight_smile:



I’d love to look at the possibilities of presenting the Velbus kit and the binding that @cedricboon has created.

Are there any smart home days in the North America?

There are not…yet. But @Kai has been very keen on having the US folks organize one :wink:

I will probably post a new topic on this, but I think it would be great to create a few of these across the US. I am personally in the Southern California area (San Diego) and also travel often to Denver, are there others in either area that would be interested in participating in our own Smart Home Day? Or is there a local Java, Linux, IoT, etc… user group in the area we could present at?

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Same here, for the Philly area :slight_smile: Lets get this started over here in the US!

@digitaldan @bartus I am in! I am in Texas.

I would love to have one in the US!

@Kai do you have an agenda for these days?

Maybe we could create a FB group if you two are on there? @digitaldan @bartus use it to start some brainstorming? Open to any other platform, just giving a suggestion.

It doesn’t have to be a whole day for the start - some local meet-ups with somebody presenting his setup&experiences and topics for discussion will most likely do. But that’s fully up to you (the organisers) of course. The agenda will always depend on who you have as a speaker/presenter, so there’s no fixed agenda.

Thanks! That makes sense.

@Thedannymullen @digitaldan - I started a Discord server for us to be able to live-chat/discuss organization efforts. I’ll send you the invite link via PM.

@bartus , can we use this forum for conversations? I am trying to keep my communication tools to a minimum these days :slight_smile:

I am not on facebook, so I think keeping things here for now would be good.

I’m going to post something new in a bit, just need to get off a few calls :frowning:

Perfect - and now leave this topic with your off-topic discussions, please :stuck_out_tongue: .

Sadly, I cannot attend this time. Would of course have loved to, but it’s right during my vacation booked long ago. So if you like to have this year’s sessions recorded like last time, someone please volunteer.

I’m in discussion with processional CCC recording crew, so we might have a decent coverage this year - cannot promise it yet, but I hope we can get that done!