Looking for tunable white LED down lights

The current trend seems to get ‘switchable’ white LED down lights, which is useless, when ‘tunable’ white and automation is desired.

I just googled for over an hour looking for tuneable white LED down lights, and could not find any… looking for 10-ish Watts; straight down, ideally low profile and no driver (optional).

Has anyone got a source to point me to?

You want musical lights???

24v and needs a driver but high quality



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You want to adjust the colour. I had not seen tunable used in that context.

Have you looked at zemismart? They make a Wifi one that tuya convert worked for. But I also think you can wire up if needed to reflash

Yes, they hum either like “Let it be” or “Over the rainbow” :smiley:
Sorry, my mistake, it is spelled w/o and ‘e’. :slight_smile:

Thanks… and relative high cost (damn) :frowning:

I have designed my own LED driver board; 16-channels per 10x12 cm2 board, which makes any LED dimmable, and I can use single, dual, triple channels as I like, or four for RGBW.

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