Loosing persistence on item file change

I updated to latest snapshot 3 days ago, and strange thing happen.
I have some values persisted to rrd4j, and i have setup to restore them on startup.
On service restart, all items are restored, but when I made a change to Item files, all item are not restored to last saved values, and they remain empty. To fix the situation, I have to restart openhab2 service, and all items are restored.


Yes, that is correct.

If changing (or even only ‘touch’) an items file, openHAB has to reread all items in case of any changes. That will initialize all items, but (un-?) fortunately won’t end in a complete startup process, so there would be neither a restoreOnStartup nor a read request to bindings which provide such function (e.G. knx).

In fact, even though one is able to change things at runtime, it’s always a good idea to restart at least the openhab2.service to ensure consistency.
But it’s nice to see changes immediately, so one can play around with labels, icons and so on, and after all changes are done, just restart once :slight_smile:

this not happen on earlier version, my before snapshot was of december 2016.
Can be this a regression?


This happens in OH1, it is by design as Udo said, and not a regression issue.

I’m pretty sure that this do not happen on earlier version of OH2, anyway I restart OH2 service after saving items.