Lose connection to Hue Hub/Bridge

Hello all!

Having a problem with my Hue Hub/Bridge staying connected to OpenHAB.

I’ve tried pairing it several times and that works for a day or two and then it loses it.

Rebooting does solve the problem for another day or two…

The root cause of the problem is the hub changes ip address periodically. Ideally I’d set a static ip address, but I can’t because the hub is attached to a wireless ap in my entry way, and the ap doesn’t support wired static ip devices - dhcp only.

The binding is configured to autodiscover, which obviously works at startup, but isn’t handling the ip address change.

Is there some way to autodiscover regularly?

Or can I configure OpenHAB to reboot nightly?



Log entries:

2015-11-07 04:22:51.486 [DEBUG] [inding.hue.internal.HueBinding] - Start Hue data refresh
2015-11-07 04:22:51.545 [TRACE] [.h.internal.hardware.HueBridge] - Received Hue Bridge Settings…
2015-11-07 04:22:51.569 [DEBUG] [inding.hue.internal.HueBinding] - Done Hue data refresh.
2015-11-07 04:23:11.570 [DEBUG] [inding.hue.internal.HueBinding] - Start Hue data refresh
2015-11-07 04:23:16.575 [WARN ] [.h.internal.hardware.HueBridge] - Failed to connect to Hue bridge: HTTP request timed out.
2015-11-07 04:23:16.578 [WARN ] [inding.hue.internal.HueBinding] - Hue settings were null, maybe misconfigured bridge IP.

In most cases it should be possible for your dhcp server to offer always the same ip to a device, so it is semi static.


Thanks for the suggestion, but I had already taken that step. And the Philips Hub is the only thing on the network that changes ip address.

I did however hopefully find the trouble, maybe, we’ll see…

What I found looking at the exception in my router for the hub it shows the name of the hub as Philips-hue when the actual name is Philips hue, which is the default name. Maybe? that’s a problem? So I renamed it to PhilipsHue so the router doesn’t fill something in for the space in the name.

Maybe reaching, time will tell.

FYI - removing the space in the name of the hub appears to have fixed the problem. At least it hasn’t changed ip addresses in several days since making that change.


Removing the space did indeed fix the problem of OpenHAB losing site of the Hue, however running OpenHAB from a Pi has proved to be less than satisfactory…

It was ok when I only controlled the thermostat, or a couple of lights.

But it seems as I added lights and more complicated rules that turn lights on if it’s cloudy etc it was too much work for the Pi.

For instance if I unplug the Hue hub and plug it back in OpenHAB would never reconnect unless the Pi was rebooted.

So I’ve moved my installation to the PC in my office that’s on 24/7, and run it in a window minimized and everything works perfectly! Not one hitch since moving a few days ago.

Hey , I am facing the same issue.Where should I change the name of the hub ??

I changed it using the Hue app on my iPad.