Losing all things/items after upgrading via apt-get

Hi everybody,

after updating OH2-Online (Nightly) via apt-get I lost all my things and items. All of these are configured in the database. Bindings and addons are defined in the addons.cfg, and were properly reinstalled, but the things/items did not show up again. Hence, I had to reinstall and configure everything again.
Restoring a backup did not help. The things/items have shown up again with errors, but after a reboot they disappeared and the database seemed to be empty again.

Is this a known issue? It happened to me for the second time. I was searching for a guide to do a “safe” update, but haven’t found anything.

I am happy for any tip so I can still update from time to time.


Did you see this: Replacement of mapdb by jsondb?


It is likely that this change was the problem… thanks!

Now that openHAB is on jsonDB, it’s very unlikely that you’ll lose items things again. However, it’s always good to make routine backups in /var/lib/openhab2 and /etc/openhab2 whenever you’ve finished making a change.